Jr. High is horrible, and I’m glad I don’t have to go back.

Today my oldest child got in my car after school with a little less pep in his step. I understood and we discussed all of the things bothering him.

Jr. high is tough as balls, man.

When I look back, it was tougher than high school. Every morning when he gets out of my car I sit in awe of him a little bit. He gets out like it’s no big deal. I cringed every morning when I was in Jr. high, and sometimes tried to talk my mom into letting me stay home. Sometimes I cried. On my braver days I took a deep breath while unbuckling my seat belt, just hoping a few people would be absent that day.

My son and I talked circles around his day until he felt better, but it wasn’t me that he really needed. He needed his father. I tried, but I couldn’t understand some of the things he was having problems with, and I was having a hard time giving any advice that was worth receiving.  Thankfully, his grandfather was home and he wanted to spend the afternoon with him until his dad got home from work, so I drove the short distance to his grandparents home. I’m so grateful my kids have such an awesome support system. Later, my husband brought him home…in a better mood. It was like both men had worked some kind of magic. A magic I’m glad they have. Tomorrow’s another day, and he’ll get up like it’s no big deal. I’ll be amazed that he has more fortitude than I ever had.

I’m sure we’ll face many more days like this, but it’s nice to know that even if I can’t help, there are others in our family that can, and will.


2 thoughts on “Jr. High is horrible, and I’m glad I don’t have to go back.

  1. Krista Kemp September 18, 2015 / 12:59 am

    School is rough, and kids are cruel. I try my best to be the voice of reason. But, I understand that sometimes a mom just has to step back and let the men take over. Great post!

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    • wendyblack1 September 18, 2015 / 1:02 am

      I don’t understand how the parents of these kids feel. They may be sad that their kids are so mean, I would be. Everyone has some sort of struggle. I try to keep it in perspective.

      I try really hard to remind both of our kids that no matter what’s going on that we’re here no matter what, and I hope that helps them wipe the slate clean at the end of each day. That’s my hope anyway.

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